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Pottery is my meditation. My way to relax. As a mother of 2 small kids crafting ceramics is mine “me time”. I can not imagine my life without touching clay and getting dirty. There is something so natural and pristine to it. It is going back to basics. Earth. Water. Fire. Ceramics. My Zen.

It was Barbara S. Podlesnik that introduced me to famous Slovenian potter Urban Magušar, master on wheel and expert in traditional ceramics. And it was my dear friend and teacher Ines Kovačič that took me deeper into the world of ceramics. I loved every single minute at her workshops. After that there was no return. I bought my first wheel and kiln and did my very own studio at my home. I attended pottery workshop at world˙s famous studio Tortus in Copenhagen and I hope one day soon I can go for a month or two to Japan as I love their style and tradition.

Some women are buying shoes I buy different clay bodies, pottery gadgets, and glazes. My pottery is unique and always different just like myself. I like to try new techniques, new combinations, new styles. I love to explore. Just like in real life. I love challenges so no request is too small or too big for me. Get in touch and let’s keep my pottery wheel moving.

Pottery Classes

Private courses for individuals and groups. Handbuilding techniques or wheel throwing.

Design Proces

All items are handmade and made of best materials.

Gift Cards

Can´t decide what would be best gift for your loved ones? Let them choose and we prepare gift card.

Customize your order

I love to personalize each item for your needs. Contact me and we will find a way.

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